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Hluvuko Designs donates blankets to the elderly

A local design company called Hluvuko Designs has donated blankets to the elderly at Itlhokomeleng Old Age Home in Alexandra.

Hluvuko Designs recently donated 100 blankets to the Itlhokomeleng Old Age Home in Alexandra, providing much-needed warmth and comfort to the elderly residents during the cold winter season.

Director of Hluvuko, Ponani Bongani Shikweni said, “Every year we choose where to visit, sometimes we visit schools and donate shoes and pads. Sometimes we visit clinics and donate receiving blankets for newborn babies.

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“When we sew blankets, there are always extra materials left and we thought instead of throwing it away, we decided to sew other blankets for the elderly to keep them warm during the winter season.

“With these blankets we wanted to create something that not only provides warmth but brings joy and beauty to the elderly,” Shikweni said, adding that it was an honour to give back to the community.

The blankets were received with gratitude by the home’s management and elderly, who expressed their appreciation for the kind gesture.
A social worker at Itlhokomeleng, Masego Motswake said, “We are grateful and we appreciate the donation. These blankets will go a long way in ensuring that the elderly are kept warm and comfortable during the winter season. I wish Hluvuko could continue doing this for the community of Alex.”

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Elderly resident Lorraine Mayisela said, “I am very excited about the blankets we have received, especially as I am a person with arthritis, these blankets will make me feel warm.”

Another elder Sinah Hlungwane said, “We are very grateful for the blankets and may god bless them for taking care of us, the elderly, and keeping us warm during this winter season.”

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