WATCH: Top adventure activities to try in South Africa

South Africa is a world of adventure. These are the adventure activities visitors can consider.

South Africa has diverse  adventure activities to offer, and each one is unique and exciting. From shark cage diving to hot air ballooning, the country has something for everyone who loves a thrill. Whether you want to test your driving skills with some off-road adventures or take the plunge from an incredible bungee jump, there’s something to meet every challenge. Plus, even if you don’t own a 4×4 vehicle, renting one for a few days is an experience worth having.

Here are six incredible adventure activities to try in South Africa.

1. Shark cage diving

The great white shark is awe-inspiring when seen up close, so why not experience it first-hand? Shark cage diving gives adventurous explorers a chance to get closer than ever before, while ensuring safety protocols are taken very seriously. Popular locations include Gansbaai, False Bay, and Mossel Bay.

2. Bungee jumping

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping offers that thrilling feeling of freefall followed by the sweet satisfaction of conquering fear. Notable sites include the Bloukrans Bridge in Plettenberg Bay and the Orlando Towers near Johannesburg.

Bloukrans Bridge is the world’s tallest bungee jump and offers a 216-meters (709 foot) freefall, enough to give you an exhilarating experience.

Orlando Towers is a former cooling towers-turned bungee jumping destination located in the middle of Soweto, Johannesburg. It is one of the world’s most unusual locations for an adventure activity and offers exciting views from the top.

  1. Ziplining

Take a flight on a zipline tour through the canopy of trees or across expansive canyons in South Africa’s diverse landscapes. Explore these forests like never before as you slide above treetops at exhilarating speeds! Consider the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour and Cape Canopy Tour for an unforgettable experience!

4. 4×4 adventures

4×4 adventures offer an awesome way to explore more rugged terrain whilst testing your driving skills around mountain passes and stunning valleys along the way. Popular trails include Sani Pass and Baviaanskloof which both provide varied landscape views with plenty of curves in between! Even if you don’t own the right vehicle, renting a 4×4 in South Africa for a few days is well worth it.

5. Hot air ballooning

Nothing quite compares to viewing South Africa’s beauty from above! Hot air ballooning gives you the chance to gently drift over spectacular scenery like Magaliesberg Mountain or The Cradle of Humankind, providing serene moments with unforgettable views of this special continent.

6. Surfing

With warmer waters and diverse waves compared to other places around the world, South Africa is becoming increasingly popular among surfers, from amateurs taking their first steps into learning this skillful activity all the way up to professional surfers honing their prowess on challenging waves alike! Notable spots include Muizenberg near Cape Town or Jeffrey’s Bay which have attracted world renowned competitions over the past few years. Be sure not to miss these famous surf spots!

7. Paragliding

For the ultimate feel of freedom in the sky, paragliding is an experience like no other. You’ll take off from a scenic mountain peak and soar above spectacular landscapes. Popular spots include the Magaliesberg mountains or Piketberg peak where you can truly enjoy South Africa’s beauty from high above.

8. Hiking

Head out and explore South Africa’s incredible natural beauty on foot. Based on how adventurous you want to be, there are many hikes to pick from, making it easier to find the perfect fit for every level of thrill-seeker. You can find easy, scenic walks or tougher trails, each offering stunning sights and interesting places to explore. Popular spots include Table Mountain in Cape Town, the Drakensberg mountains, or even Tsitsikamma National Park – the variety is endless!

All things considered, these six adventure activities give an insight into how truly remarkable South Africa can be when it comes to exploring its wild aspects outside of everyday life.

For those itching for something new, these activities give people that very opportunity; however, regardless of what activity is chosen, safety should always be paramount, as well as respecting nature and leaving no trace behind once done by protecting the our mountain sides, so that future generations can experience them too.

Looking for something more adventurous on foot, why not try a walking safari? Although game drives offer a swift means of encountering wildlife, there’s a unique charm to venturing into the bush on foot. This approach not only provides an alternative viewpoint for observing animals like elephants, plains game, and giraffes, but it also allows you to appreciate the finer details: the world of insects, diminutive mammals, reptiles, and specially adapted flora, all waiting to be uncovered.




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