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Enough is enough

JOBURG - Every day motorists drive passed horrific accidents that could have been prevented. Every day, a child loses his mother, a wife loses her husband, a friend loses her neighbour or a family member loses a relative.

Why? Because drivers have become inconsiderate and don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

On 27 November, Caxton too lost a family member due to the carelessness of a motorist.

Cecilia Marawu, the Caxton North West Johannesburg receptionist, was one of six people who died in a taxi accident near Diepsloot last week. Reports suggest the driver of the taxi was speeding, lost control of his vehicle and burst a tyre before the taxi ejected numerous passengers as it rolled.

The first question that comes to mind is ‘Why was no one strapped in?’ It is time commuters took a stand and starting demanding public transport that is safe, reliable and cost effective. Please do not get into a vehicle, should it look unsafe or overcrowded.

Drivers, please make sure your passengers are obeying the law and do not give in to demands to 1) drive on the wrong side of the road 2) speed 3) break the law.

Enough is enough – too many lives have been shattered.

On 11 November, two people died and 13 sustained serious injuries in Nasrec when a taxi and a car collided, and on 5 July near Montgomery Park a man lost his life while eight others were injured after a taxi jumped a red light and crashed into an Audi.

It is time that we, the greater community of Johannesburg, start saying ‘no’! No to unroadworthy vehicles. No to bribery. No to speeding and No to endangering people’s lives.

When a motorist sees someone disobeying the rules of the road, take a stand and report them. Get their number plate, report them to the Metro police and name and shame them. If we act as one community, our voice is powerful and loud. This website has started a name and shame campaign on their Facebook page. Please like the page and hold the motorists in your area accountable for their actions.


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