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Croesus pillar of strength now a ‘Cypriot Queen’

BALFOUR – I’m extremely excited with this move to go and test my talents against top-notch players, says Maguire.

Former Croesus Ladies player Kathrine Maguire, who was arguably one of the best defensive pillars of strength in the Gauteng Sasol Women’s League and an astute game reader, has been snapped up by a Cypriot side.

Maguire is widely considered to have been the player behind the success of the Greek Queens, as the Balfour-based side is fondly referred to by their avid supporters, over the past four or so seasons now.

Fondly referred to as ‘Kat’ by her fellow ‘queens’, she has gone in search of new pastures green and joins the newly formed (2021) women’s side Aris Limassol FC from Limassol in Cyprus. The club has a men’s First Division side which has been in existence since its formation in 1930 and has enjoyed success over the 91 years.

Kathrine ‘Kat’ Maguire in her new outfit at Limassol FC in Limassol, Cyprus after her arrival. Photo: Supplied

Maguire penned an initial year contract with an option to renew for another year. In 2019, Kat played a game in the Sasol league which was watched by three British coaches, and one of them approached her with an offer for her to play overseas but she declined the offer as she was still studying.

After completing her degree last year, she was approached by yet another British scout who wanted her to play overseas. She had to make a choice between two teams, one in Kosovo which just participated in the Uefa Champions league this season and the other was Cyprus.

“The coach told me he could see I have a strong football IQ, good ball technique and accurate passing. Aris followed up as they were building their [women’s] team and handpicked me as one of the players who would best suit their squad and style of play.

“I’m extremely excited to have this opportunity to go overseas and test my talents against top notch players. This is something I’ve dreamed of doing since I started my playing career in football.

“However, I’m a little sad to leave my family and friends and a tad nervous for the change of environment and the difference in culture that I will experience over there but hope to adapt in a month or two as it is nothing I can’t handle,” Kat told Alex News in an interview before her departure on July 31.

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