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Child Welfare launches community improvement project

The project aims to promote collaboration with community members through experience sharing, training and talks.

On February 26, the organisation hosted its first such presentation focused on tips for parents of children with ADD/ADHD difficulties.

The talk was presented by remedial therapist Mrs Liz Hooijer.

Child Welfare SA-Edenvale’s Mr Gerald Mvundura, who is also the project co-ordinator, said parents enjoyed the talk.

“It reinforced one of the objectives of the project which was to sensitise the community to social ills and encourage participatory management in resource mobilisation, planning and implementing viable suitable solutions to problems”.

Over the course of the project, various topical issues will be discussed which will empower parents and children to make informed choices and promote effective parenting.

Mr Mvundura believes that engaging parents and the community at large in this project will go a long way in eradicating social ills.

He said the long term goal of this project was to enhance the functioning capacity of individuals and help them to develop their full potential.

“I am thrilled and grateful for the positive feedback received from the community members.

“Children are the assets of the nation and they need to be prevented from falling into self-destructive behaviours. There is a need to instil developmental skills in children, parents and the community at large,” he said.

Log onto www.edenvalechildwelfare.co.za for more information on the project and the work done by Child Welfare SA-Edenvale.

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