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5 things you shouldn’t say to prospective buyers

The things you say to prospective buyers about your home and neighbourhood, may put them off putting in an offer.

5 bits of advice from estate agents

  • You have approached an agent to sell your home. Let them do their job.
  • Welcome buyers your agent brings around and then keep yourself to one side without interfering.
  • Things you regard as perks or reasons to buy your home, may not appeal to a potential buyer. By boasting about things that you regard as perks, you may actually be putting potential buyers off.
  • Remember that you do not know what the prospective buyer is looking for or what their circumstances and needs are. Nor do you know why they are interested in moving to your area.
  • Only volunteer information on amenities or anything else when asked directly by the buyer.

5 things you shouldn’t say to prospective buyers

We’ve decided to leave the country and all that’s left to do is to sell the house.


You have just made them aware of the urgency of the sale which may adversely affect negotiating a price.

We love our house, but it’s become too small for us.


The buyer may have a similar size family and plans to grow their family. Their idea of space may differ from yours.

The kids have all left home and it’s too expensive for us to run.


Buyers might second guess whether they can afford the property or whether they need so much space.

Quite a few people have been to see the house.

10 fingers

Interested buyers may start wondering why no one else has put in an offer.

I’m selling because my divorce has just gone through and I want to get away from the memories.


The buyers may be newlyweds buying their first home. They may not want to buy a house with negative vibes.

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