Salga to ‘resolve’ Mashaba’s no-funding

JOBURG – Salga said it would approach the City to resolve the withdrawal of funding issue.

The South African Local Government Association (Salga) said City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba’s announcement to halt its funding is based on unfounded ‘observations and determinations’.

It said it would prioritise engagement with the City in the hopes that it will remain within Salga’s affairs. “[We will] resolve this matter in an amicable way so that the voice of organised local government is not defocused from its meaningful work,” Salga said in a press release shortly after Mashaba’s statement.

Mashaba said on 11 October that the City will not fund or contribute to the Salga National Congress, to be held later in the year in Johannesburg. The newly-elected mayor said that there is much that suggests that it has become an instrument for the ‘deployment of cadres of the majority party in our country’.

“This was starkly illustrated by the recent Gauteng provincial executive of Salga,” Mashaba said.

The news that Mashaba would no longer provide funding for the association came shortly after it was announced that ANC Joburg chairperson, Parks Tau would chair the Gauteng conference thereof. Tau has since also been appointed as the president of the United Cities and Local Government (UCLG), the world body for local government.

Salga responded to the news saying it needed to defend the good name of the organisation. “After a mere 43 days in office, it is unfortunate for Mayor Mashaba to have made these unfounded observations and determinations without first familiarising himself with organisational policies of Salga and its governance records, which is easily accessible by all municipalities and is public record.”

Salga said the City has been one of the most consistent and meaningful players in its affairs since its establishment and remains confident it will continue to occupy its rightful place.

The City was approached by Salga to co-host its national conference in November. “[The City could] take advantage of this opportunity to showcase its achievements, key attractions and developments to this global audience. We note, with regret, Mayor Mashaba’s public communication to decline to take up this important opportunity.”

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