Mabena encourages community to unite against crime

YEOVILLE– Mabena ready to curb crime one street committee at a time.

Yeoville resident and ward committee member Nkosana Mabena said he would like to encourage the community to work together to fight crime.

“My portfolio is a very challenging one because safety is a major issue in our community. Ward 66 is a diverse ward with different needs pertaining to safety,” said Mabena whose portfolio deals with public safety.

Mabena said crime is at a high rate in the area and the infringement of by-laws is also a concern.

“We need to address the little things which could lead to resolving bigger issues,” said Mabena.

He said crime can be curbed if the community works together and stops turning a blind eye.

He plans to host workshops to educate the community on how to deal with reporting crime and how to follow up cases.

“People open cases and never know what to do after opening the case.

“We need to educate our community on how to follow up cases. They need to know what is happening with the case, who is handling the case and when is it going to court,” said Mabena.

He said street committees need to be established in areas where there are no committees and revive those in existence.

“Street committees will encourage residents to fight crime and it can help decrease petty crimes,” said Mabena.

He encouraged the community to get to know their neighbours as that can be of help in burglary cases. “Be the eyes and ears in your community.”

“Your neighbour is your first form of security because if you are going away you can ask them to keep an eye on your property. The community needs to unite and work together to fight crime,” said Mabena.

“We can only succeed if we stand together and ensure that our community is safe,” said Mabena

Contact Mabena on 078 712 7870.

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