Councillor Humphreys is hopeful about service delivery for 2023

The Ward 20 Clr said there will be challenges, however, she's optimistic that the work will get done.

Jill Humphreys is feeling positive about the year ahead despite concerns from residents about the lack of service delivery.

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The Ward 20 Clr has acknowledged the frustration and uncertainty among residents caused by this lack of service delivery.

“Our communities are angry, frustrated and frightened to breaking point with the uncertainty and turbulence in our country.

“Everything we do going forward needs to be dealt with in this context, with understanding, kindness and patience,” stated Humphreys.

She’s grateful that they were able to resurface some roads. “Of course not nearly enough but I believe the section along Van Buuren Road that was done has made a positive difference.

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“For this, a big thank you to our dedicated officials in the roads and storm water department, especially Andrew Rankweteke.”

However, she notes water and sanitation remain one of the biggest problems in Bedfordview.

“This is due to the extremely old infrastructure not coping.

“The urgent replacement of the ‘vrot’ (there isn’t an English word as expressive) old pipes is prohibitively expensive.

“However, it is high on my priority list to have as much funding allocated as possible for the high-priority replacements.

“In particular, Senderwood had an allocation due that was unfortunately rescinded. I will be fighting to get that back,” she explained.

Humphreys emphasized the process of bioremediation is also high up on her priority list.

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She said the existing system cannot be replaced.

“The expense is prohibitive. However, we shouldn’t keep doing what we have always done – we need to think smart and differently.

“There are processes available that can allow us to use the existing system by introducing bacteria to keep it clean.

“FOGS (fats, oils and greases) are of the main reasons for blockages.”

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According to Humphreys if the system is kept clear of these by the efficient little FOG chomping bacteria, even if there is a blockage caused by other material the exiting water will be clear and not fetid.

Her goal is to implement this process at all the water treatment plants and pump stations in the city.

“This last year has seen the establishment of our wonderful community organization, Better Bedfordview.

“The passion of this Bedfordview community to keep our suburb the best is astounding!

“Special thanks to the chairperson Marina Constas for driving this initiative and to the many generous corporates and individuals that contribute monthly,” she added.

The organization has been able to fix roads, create gardens, tidy walkways and now accomplish grass-cutting in some parks.

About the shocking state of parks, Humphreys said, “Gillooly’s Farm is a flagship park that is seeing dark days.

I am optimistic that there will soon be a lease in place for a tenant. Once this is approved by council it will go a long way to the upkeep and maintenance of this special place.

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“Morninghill Koppie and Bill Stewart Nature Reserve are important environmental landmarks and places of beauty and recreation. They are deserving of our protection and respect.

“I’m grateful that generous individuals are getting involved with creating conservancies for these natural beauties,” said Humphreys.

She added the failing economy, aided and abetted by Covid-19 and load-shedding, has produced an ailing society with many derelicts and homeless people. They are to be seen at every street corner.

“Abandoned houses need to be watched carefully for illegal occupation.

“The Bedfordview CPF, SAPS, EMPD and security companies, have their work cut out with keeping crime at bay.

“I’m astounded daily to be made aware of their intense, effective vigilance and responses, while we go about our daily lives.”

She said there will be challenges but wanted to reassure residents that she is contactable and ready to assist.

For updates and service-related issues, residents can join the Basically Bedfordview Facebook page.

To be on the Whatsapp groups contact her at 082 450 0128 alternatively send an email to

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