Top Jeppe results awarded

The pass rate was 100% for the first time. There were 239 distinctions earned, 23 boys achieved A averages and the bachelor's degree pass rate was 87%.

The 2021 matric results were the best in the history of Jeppe High School for Boys.
The pass rate was 100% for the first time. There were 239 distinctions earned, 23 boys achieved A averages and the bachelor’s degree pass rate was 87%.
The school’s mathematics results were recognised as the best in the district for the first time and the mathematics department will receive an award at the district ceremony.
The school held its annual academic prize-giving recently. Principal Dale Jackson told the award recipients it is their responsibility to ensure the results of 2021 become the norm and not an exception.
“We need to continue to raise the bar. The focus has been on placing academic excellence at the core of what we do, and it has taken us to this point.
“Now we need to refocus and make Jeppe a leading academic school, one that parents chose because of our matric results, not our Aitken Trophy wins and rugby successes,” he said.
Collette Rattray, the deputy principal in charge of academics, said: “There are no negotiations around teaching and learning at the school.
“Nothing is allowed to interfere with that process and no disruptions are allowed. The educators and learners understand they are here because of the academic programme and that it will always take priority.”
Jackson praised the educators for their dedication, passion, commitment and care for the boys.
“The educators have clearly gone the extra mile and it was their determination to get every learner through that has led to a 100% pass rate.
“By ensuring the vast majority of our educators are involved in our extensive extramural programme, we have ensured there is an understanding of the educational value of extramurals within the context of keeping with our policy of prioritising academics at all times.”
Added to that, special care is given to those learners who are struggling.
The school runs an innovative programme called Bravehearts where those who are at risk in matric are proactively identified and then support mechanisms are put in place to give them every chance of succeeding.
“It’s overseen by David Williams, one of our senior teachers, and it involves approximately 15 boys each year who are identified as a result of their Grade 11 performance, social and emotional factors or contextual realities that may pose challenges to them in matric,” Jackson said.
“They are then supported, encouraged and provided with individualised attention throughout their matric year.
“Their parents are involved, as are their subject teachers, tutors, sports coaches and housemasters and the aim is to identify weaknesses and areas of support early enough to remedy them.
“In many cases, an improved attitude and assistance with factors outside of the classroom can lead to a significantly improved academic performance, and that is the area where most of the work is put in.”
The Bravehearts for 2022 have already been identified and the work with them has begun.
“The Class of 2021 will be a hard act to follow,” Rattray said.
“But staff and learners are definitely up for it. The talent on display at the academic prize-giving showed that we certainly have the potential to reach even greater heights, if we all apply ourselves fully.”

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