LETTER: ‘Our children reflect the upbringing we the parents bestow on them’ – Reader

"I am 60 and in my school days conduct such as this would not have gone unpunished."

EDITOR – The front page article in the November 1 edition regarding what would seem to be a severe assault on an Edenvale High School pupil seems somewhat sensationalised.

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According to the article the pupil was punched three times in the stomach, grabbed by the throat, given a death threat and hit on the helmet.

Yet despite the severity of this attack the teacher was given a written warning as per protocol?

The sanction seems totally inadequate when compared to the offence.

I suspect there is a lot more to this story than was reported on.

The fact that the pupil, who was given the pseudonym ‘James Pink’, has the disdain and lack of respect that allows him to address teachers as ‘okes’ speaks volumes about the lack of discipline and contempt he has for the teachers.

I am 60 and in my school days conduct such as this would not have gone unpunished.

Yet the teacher is painted as the villain.

To aggravate matters, ‘James Pink’s’ mother opened a case of assault at the SAPS.

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He should have been reprimanded at the very least by his mother.

Our children reflect the upbringing we, the parents, bestow on them.

Had this pupil been my child, I would have dealt with this in an entirely different manner.

The onus to raise young people with acceptable discipline and respect falls on us the parents, and not the schools.

Small wonder then that fewer young people are opting for careers in teaching.

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Evidence of the growing rot in discipline among the current generation of pupils appears in your page five article covering Edenglen High School pupils who use a local park for sex and drug activities.

Patrick Ellis.

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