5 must-try mocktails for the designated driver

Here are five of the best as easiest mocktails for you to enjoy these fun-filled holidays.

It’s never fun watching everyone else enjoy yummy, colourful drinks, when you have to get behind the wheel.

Enjoy these yummy, tantalising drinks any time of the day …

The South African Sunset

Fill a glass with ice cubes, then add one shot of fresh lemon juice, one shot of fresh lime juice and two shots of orange juice. Then, add half a shot of grenadine. Do not stir. The grenadine should sink to the bottom through the juices, giving you a delightful sunset in a glass.

The Mule

Fill a glass with ice cubes and add one shot of fresh lime juice, three shots of ginger beer and four shots of soda water. Bash a stick of lemongrass to release its oils and pop into the drink as an extra dash of fragrance.

Famous Rock Shandy

Half a glass of soda water, half a glass of lemonade or ginger ale, a few dashes of bitters to taste, and plenty of ice.

Virgin Mojito

Eight mint leaves, half a teaspoon of fine sugar, one medium-sized lime, half a shot of simple syrup (if you like it sweet) and lemonade to fill the glass. Don’t forget loads of crushed ice!

The Cooler

This one is simply a tall glass filled with sparkling water, maybe some ice and a few dashes of bitters, along with a slice of lime and that’s it!


Refrigerate all your ingredients to ensure deliciously cold cocktails. every time.

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