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EMM replaces broken pipe in Farrarmere

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) have replaced the broken pipe.

The damaged water pipe that left large parts of Benoni without water last week, was fixed on Sunday evening by 9.30pm.

“The water pipe has been replaced and the valves are open,” said Vumatel representative Travis Mason.

Vumatel struck the pipe at the corner of Sheridan Road and Cambridge Street on April 5, leaving large parts of Benoni without water on Thursday and Friday morning because the reservoir’s water supply was closed.


Large parts of Benoni without water

The municipality temporarily replaced the pipe on Thursday night because they did not have the correct materials to permanently replace the pipe.


Pressure on EMM to permanently fix burst pipe in Farrarmere

Mason then sent an alert to the affected areas – Farrarmere, Brentwood Park and Northmead saying that the reservoir would be closed again, on April 8, for the permanent replacement of the pipe.

According to Mason, the water should have been restored by 10.30pm on Sunday night, as opposed to his initial prediction that the water would have been restored by 5am on Monday morning.


Several Benoni suburbs will have water cuts on April 8

If there are still houses in Farrarmere, Brentwood Park, Northmead or surrounding areas that still do not have water, Mason can be contacted on travis.mason@vumatel.co.za

“I would like to deeply apologise for the inconvenience,” Mason said.

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