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Recyclers save kittens from burning veld

On May 28, recyclers rescued four kittens from a burning veld in Rynfield and took the kittens to a nursery school in the area to get help.

Debbie Welsh of the school said one of the four recyclers showed the kittens to the staff who then immediately brought them to her, as they know she is an animal lover.

“He didn’t know where the mom was. He said he thought she could have died in the fire, but I don’t think that could have happened as cats are very clever,” she said.

“The sad part is that when she does come back to look for her babies she won’t find them.”

Welsh contacted her good friend Jane Richman, a Boat Lake Village resident who fosters animals for Benoni Animal Rescue Centre (BARC).

She said the man came back the next day to find out if Welsh had found a good home for the kittens.

“I told him that I had taken them to a safe place,” said Welsh.

“It’s the most amazing experience I have ever had in animal rescue.”

“He has nothing but he chose to save these little babies.”

Richman collected the kittens from Welsh and took them home.

“The kittens are about three weeks old and I will take care of them until they are eight weeks old,” said Richman.

She is bottle feeding them until they are strong enough.

Three of the kittens are female and one is male.

“They were tiny and fragile when I first got them; I could feel their little spines, but they’re growing stronger each day,” said Richman.

“If these four men hadn’t helped them they would have died in this cold.

“I think they are heroes,” she said.

“They’ve got nothing and for them to show such compassion is amazing.”

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