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Benonians waste no time cleaning up veld

The waste and rubble was having a negative impact on the environment, which is abundant with flowers and birdlife in summer

Jane Trembath, chairperson of Korsman Conservancy, and Heather Griffin, from Litter Bugs, arranged a clean-up to be done along Racecourse Road, in the surrounding veld, on August 15.

A lot of illegal dumping as well as squatters has turned the area into an eyesore, and the effort to beautiful and green the area again received overwhelming support from businesses and individuals.

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“This space is abundant with flowers and tons of bird life during the summer. The rubbish is disgusting and not only is it an eyesore but it’s affecting the grass, wildlife and birds. This is why we decided to clean this area today,” explained Trembath. “When the grass is burnt you can see the rubbish even more clearly.”


Huge groups of people came from all over – the LitterBugs, Korsman Conservancy, Ashton College learners, Creation Care (Northfield Methodist Church), Etwatwa Greening Team and residents throughout the Lakewest community – to assist with the clean-up.

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Sponsors such as Corruseal, Shereno Printers, Gas and Hardware, Total Garage Lakefield and Bad Boyz Hillbrow all made contributions, be it money, petrol or creating blockages/barricades with tyres.

“The community has been absolutely amazing. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to do this today. All in all we had 50 volunteers attend and 200 bags of litter were collected, removed or recycled,” said Trembath.

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