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Barber celebrates 50 years in Benoni

Otto's offers mainly men's haircuts, beard grooming, gel, waxes and clays.

Otto’s Men’s Hairdressers, in Rynfield, recently celebrated its 50th birthday.

In 1970, the late Otto Brummer started Otto’s, known as the local barber on Great North Road, in the Great North Centre.


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Otto run the business for 28 years and in 1998 his son, Wynand, took over the business after his father’s death.

“In 2013 Westpack took over a part of the complex, including where Otto’s used to be.

“Otto’s then relocated to Webb Street, in Northmead, for two years and in 2015 we decided to relocate to a property I bought, in Reid Street, Rynfield, still having the loyal clients following and supporting the business,” explained Wynand.

Wynand, the only hairdresser at the business, employs a receptionist and went from your traditional conveyor belt structure of barbering (first come, first served) to appointments only.

“We did it this so that men can plan their day better to know your appointment is at a certain time,” he explained.

Wynand has many fond memories of the business.

“I can clearly remember as a youngster sweeping the floor for pocket money and I was called little Otto. Little did I know that in years to come I will carrying on with the business.

“My dad left such a legacy in Benoni and that is why I decided to keep the name, as it is so well known in Benoni and far beyond,” he said.

Posted on their website, Wynand said:

“We know better than anyone that haircuts aren’t one size fits all. Our focus is always developing the appropriate haircut for each man individually. With each client we take into consideration the texture of the hair, the way it falls naturally, face structure and the desired result to get to a place most men didn’t even know their hair could.”

Hair styles have changed over the generations, and Otto’s has modernised as the ages went on.

“From traditional short back and sides, it has definitely changed to more modernised haircuts. Men are much more aware of their appearance now than they were back then,” he said.

Otto’s covers anything from extreme modern (patterns and beards) to traditional barber haircuts.

“I have clients ranging from two months old to 90 and up. In some cases I have had four generations cutting with me.

“It was so funny to realise how long I have been in the business when a young adult called me uncle.

“To my surprise I realised I have been cutting his hair since he was two, sitting on the plank and getting his lollipop after his haircut,” he laughed.


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“I was born and bred here in Benoni and that’s why I felt my business should be here.

“I show all my clients the friendliness they deserve and treat them all the way they would want to be treated. The main goal is always keeping the client happy.”

Otto’s will always be a well-known name in Benoni.

“Thank you so much to all the loyal clients for your ongoing support the past 50 years. Please support local businesses,” Wynand concluded.


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