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Toy Run not as successful as hoped for

Not all NPO's will benefit from the toy run this year

The 2 069 toys collected at the 38th annual Toy Run hosted at the Benoni Northerns is a far cry from the 18 000 toys that they collected last year.

Pete Beart, organiser of the event, was still grateful for the toys received.

He said that the turnout was disappointing compared to last year and they now have the sad task of calling NPO’s that benefited from the Toy Run to tell them that there are no toys this year.

This year’s event was hosted differently as there was no mass riding, live bands performing and bikers and motorists could not meet,. They could only drop off a toy and then drive away from November 28 to November 29.

He added that at least they could still smile on the faces of 2 000 children.

All toys donated will be kept in clear packets for 10 days before they are donated to the children.


 Toy Run a resounding success yet again


SA Legions Benoni grateful for donations 


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