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Law enforcers visit exotic pet premises

The SPCA issued a notice to the owner due to one of the wolves appearing to be underweight.

Members of the EMPD, Environmental Health Department, Benoni SPCA and community policing forum (CPF) conducted an inspection at Absolute Exotics SA’s facility in Poplar Road on February 11.

According to EMPD spokesperson Kelebogile Thepa, their department received a complaint about animal noises disturbing the peace on Poplar Road.

“On arrival at the said address, the law enforcers found various exotic animals, ranging from black-eared marmosets to wolves, monkeys and Fennec foxes.

“The SPCA issued a notice to the owner due to one of the wolves appearing to be underweight and about its poor living conditions.

“The Environmental Health Department also issued a notification letter to request for a decrease in the noise nuisance caused by the animals,” said Thepa,

General manager of Benoni SPCA Jacques Cronje said the visit was arranged by the EMPD to see if the pet owners are complainant with the bylaws of Ekurhuleni.

“We discovered that the owners were compliant, however, one of the animal was underweight but is receiving medical treatment,” said Cronje.

Members of a nature conservation organisation were also reportedly part of the inspection but the Benoni City Times was unable to reach them for comment.

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