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Grungy Christian rockers are back on track

It has been eight years since the release of the band’s full-length album, Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam.

For the past decade, Forfeit Thee Untrue (FTU) has been amping things up, masterfully stringing lyrics and instruments together, creating Christian grunge rock music.

Following a lengthy hiatus and the departure of two members, the Benoni and Boksburg-based band has rebuilt itself from the bottom up and in celebration of finding their favour, released a fresh new EP.

Gather the Broken was released on all music download platforms on February 16 and features four brand-new singles.

“Following the release of our 2016 full-length album, Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam, FTU experienced incredible changes,” said Westdene resident, Craig Palmer (drums and percussion).

The four-track EP, Gather the Broken is now available for download on all music platforms.

“FTU all but broke up. We were facing personal challenges which necessitated some laying down our plectrums and following the journeys laid before our feet.”

With songs still etched in his soul, Craig fell into tempo with Kenji Swan of Pretoria, in 2018.

With Kenji on lead vocals, guitar and bass, the two pieces were soon creating together.

In 2019, Boksburg’s Corné van Vuuren joined and the band turned their attention to the creative process, working to rebuild and revive FTU, paying careful attention to creating music that would evoke the presence of the Holy Spirit.

With the onset of Covid-19, personal tragedies, trials and tribulations once again threatened the survival of FTU, while work and family commitments often prevented its members and their instruments from being in the same room.

“Technological advancements soon replaced in-person jam sessions and practices were often interrupted with our little ones’ faces filling screens as they showed off their dance moves or ‘favouritest’ toy of the week,” said Craig.

“Despite all this, God was in control of what we wanted to achieve. Lyrics kept flowing from our pens while tunes divinely poured out of our fingers.

“We are ecstatic about what we have created through the continuous support of our families and Rottweiler Records,” he said.

“We have delved deep into our own experiences and sorrows, using them to create tracks to heal and unify against spiritual warfare that threatens us to deviate from faith and journey with God.

“This EP has offered us healing, and we hope the music will embrace the spirits of others who may feel lost or broken.”

Watching as his children play, Craig says FTU has no grand ambitions of living the ‘rockstar dream.’

“Being able to draw on our talents and passion to create music is the ultimate dream,” he said.

“God has led us here to reach out to others. We believe when we are called upon to perform, it would be through the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

“Keeping our eyes to the sky, we hope to release another full-length album in 2025.”

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