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Baboon on the loose in Benoni

The Benoni SPCA urges the public to phone or WhatsApp the manager on 0722782004 with a pin drop location, time he was seen and if possible a photograph as well.

A male baboon has been spotted roaming the streets of Benoni this morning (May 27). People are advised to be alert and not approach it.

It is reported that this baboon was first sighted in Brakpan on May 24.

According to Benoni SPCA manager Jacques Cronje, the baboon was seen this morning, heading from Northmead towards Rynfield.

Cronje said the male baboon is believed to be migrating to another area.

“We are working hand-in-hand with our sister SPCAs and wildlife specialists, plotting his route to try and establish his final destination.

As long as he is not cornered or threatened in any way he will not be a threat to you.

“If he does come onto your garden just close doors and windows and let him be. He is covering about 10km a day on his journey, so he will move on after a short while,” said Cronje.

The Benoni SPCA urges the public to phone or WhatsApp the manager on 072 278 2004 with a pin drop location, time he was seen and, if possible, a photograph as well.

The Brakpan SPCA took to its Facebook page last week to inform the public that they were made aware of baboon sightings in the Brakpan area on May 22 and 23.

Their Facebook post states that on May 25, they responded to a distress call from residents who reported incidents of people hurling stones at the baboon and chasing it.

“Working alongside members of CPF and Afriforum, we successfully restored peace to the area, observing the baboon atop the FNB building at sunset before dispersing. On May 26, our manager conducted an early reconnaissance of the last known sighting location, devising plans for potential capture.

“Subsequently, at approximately 08:30, reports indicated the baboon’s presence near the SAPS building, moving towards the Anzac area and last spotted on Frere Ave. It is suspected that the baboon has sought refuge in more wooded areas. Precautionary measures have been taken, including alerting Royal Oak of his possible presence in the vicinity,” the SPCA said.

On May 26 they shared that by 15:30, the baboon was sighted crossing Snake Road over to Benoni side at Pioneer Drive. The last sighting they received was in Northmead near Fifth Avenue.

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