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Club ‘teed’ off with speeding drivers

The club said many people exceed the speed limit on Lakefield Avenue or simply do not stop at the zebra crossing.

The Benoni Lake Golf Club urgently calls on the Ekurhuleni metro to install traffic-calming measures on Lakefield Avenue to reduce accidents on that stretch of road.

This call comes after one of their marshalls, Karli Basson (21), survived a serious accident two weeks ago after a taxi collided with her golf cart outside the Benoni Lake Golf Club.

The club said they had previously raised their grievances with the municipality, but it allegedly turned a blind eye to their pleas.

According to Basson, while driving her cart from the clubhouse to the zebra crossing, which links the clubhouse and the golf course, there were no vehicles on either side of the road, but then, suddenly, while she was in the middle of the road, a taxi came speeding down the road while flashing its lights.

“He hit the nose of the cart, and both wheels came off. The taxi pushed me to the pavement. When the driver exited his taxi, he yelled at me for not stopping, saying he had the right of way.”

Basson said she wasn’t injured, just frightened.

Terry Kupferman, part of the executive committee at the club, said the damaged cart cost R195 000.

“There have been many accidents on this road. Sometimes, when vehicles have stopped on the zebra crossing to allow our customers or staff to pass, some motorists and taxi drivers overtake the stationary vehicles while speeding.”

The golfers use this gate that links the clubhouse and the golf course.

Kupferman said the matter worries their members, who are always cautious when crossing Lakefield Avenue.

“The municipality needs to do something to save lives,” said Kupferman.

Kupferman said the club notifies its customers to be extra careful when crossing the road to prevent casualties. He added they hire pointsmen to control the traffic on well-attended golf days.

The Benoni Lake Golf Club said it had tried to secure a traffic calming measure at this zebra crossing for years.

Ward 28 Clr Mary Goby said that since 2011d she had fought to have the traffic-calming measure at the problematic crossing installed.

“This has been an ongoing issue. At some point, the council said it could not install traffic lights due to the class of the road and told me that the club must build a pedestrian bridge across the road themselves.

“Whenever we came up with an idea, they said, ‘No, there is no money’. Something must be done. The municipality needs to put up hazard lights and find a way to reduce the speed on the road.”

Goby shared that motorists continue to overtake and speed on that stretch of road.

Benoni Lake Club recently hired pointsmen to control the traffic during a golf day.

“No one is interested in following the rules of the road. We can’t carry on 13 years down the line, and nothing is implemented.”

Goby said she had started a petition that went live last week to secure a traffic calming measure on Lakefield Avenue. The petition is said to have signatures already. Those wanting to sign the petition can click on the link: www.petitions.net/petition_to_install_a_hazard_light_and_warning_signs_on_lakefield_avenue_benoni_to_reduce_speed_and_accidents_near_the_lakes_golf_course#form

The Benoni City Times has approached the municipality for comment.

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