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Students of Shaping Champions graduate

The students completed a 11 week programme and obtained certificates to help them find jobs.

A group of 19 students of Shaping Champions in Northmead graduated on July 29.

They each obtained multiple certificates, which they hope will help them find jobs.

“This experience has been one of the best I have ever had. I am so thankful to have been given a second chance to find my passion and how I can use it in a workplace,” said one of the students, Thuli Mogajane.

In collaboration with Work 4 A Living, the students completed an 11-week programme.

Entering the venue of the graduation is Simphiwe Hlatshwayo.

They arrived in two limousines at the graduation and adhered to their dress code, brown.

With words of encouragement from the councillor for the area, Raymond Dlamini, the students from Work 4 A Living are determined to seek better opportunities with their qualifications.

Some students are graduating from the facility with jobs and others have now started their own businesses.

“I will miss my classmates and my teachers but most of all the knowledge I gained here every single day. This experience has given me all I have ever looked for to find a job,” said another student, Simphiwe Hlatshwayo.

Seen here is the class of 2023 and their educators.

Many showed gratitude to the founder, Mary Andalaft, for her hard work and patience.

“She has given us another chance in life and that will forever be appreciated,” Mogajane added.

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