Lights burn all day

A Lowery writes by email:

After reading Selvun’s letter last week, I have to comment on the N12 lighting, which has been a gripe of mine for months.

From the Atlas Road bridge the lights are on 24 hours a day for as far as I can see in both directions.

Do the “engineers or technicians” need to learn to set the timers?

How can incompetence like this be allowed to go on?

Does no one ever check on any completed jobs?

What a total waste of money.

Eskom must be so pleased the councils are so useless.

They must be raking in the money while preaching to save electricity.

How much is wasted throughout the municipality; there are lights on all day, on many streets?

But why would they care? They just increase the rates and taxes to cover their incompetence.

Editor’s note: According to Sanral’s ??????, the lights are on for testing??? See Benoni City Times ??????

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