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One year memorial ride

In aid of cyclists and in remembrance of Janine and Frans a memorial ride was held just before the anniversary of their deaths, on November 29.

It has been just over a year since the sudden deaths of cyclists Janine Hopkins and Frans Duys, who were killed when a taxi driver drove into them on the corner of Electron and Isando roads, on November 30.

To create awareness of cyclist safety and in remembrance of Janine and Frans, a memorial ride was held just before the anniversary of their deaths on November 29.

“The day was a huge success with no incidents reported. We gained great exposure for cyclist safety,” explained Dawn Burnett, partner to Janine.


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“The white ghost bike in the front of the pack brought home a hard-hitting message that cyclists are being killed by reckless, inconsiderate and drunk drivers, leaving behind devastated families.”

An estimated 300 cyclists took part in the memorial ride even though there was no official registration.

“This was the first memorial ride organised in their honour,” said Dawn.

The ride started from the Café @ The Workshop, in sixth Street, Northmead.

“This was also the premises that Frans worked from at the time of his death and the place where cyclists used to meet in the mornings to do their rides,” Dawn explained.

A route of 27.7km was completed by all cyclists.

Dawn assisted in planning the ride and wanted to put forward some thanks to those who helped organise the event.

“Many thanks to all those involved in the planning of the ride – Nicky McGrath, Paul from Pro-cycles, the water point helpers, the One Life rescue team, Legendary Guardians Exclusive Protection, friends and family who volunteered to man the water points and to anyone else who was involved in the planning and support process.

“Thank you so much to you all for assisting in this special event. Without you it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for keeping their memory alive,” she said.


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After the ride, cyclists gathered to enjoy a light breakfast and coffee as they chatted about the day’s events and swapped stories about their rides.

“Cyclists have the right to share the road with motorists and although there are some that disobey road rules, most are respectful and courteous towards motorists,” Dawn said..

“We are not just cyclists – we are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, granddads, grandmas and somebody’s child. We live and love just like everyone else.

“Please try and be kind to us on the road so that we can return home to our loved ones at the end of a ride.”


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