Watching Wonder Park at Northmead Square

The adventures they go on will have your little one smiling and laughing.

After a week of endless pleading from my daughter, Amber Bissen (6), to take her to watch Wonder Park, I caved on March 30 and took her to the Ster-Kinekor at Northmead Square.

The friendly lady at the counter assisted us with tickets, and a movie would not be complete without popcorn, sweets and a drink, which we bought.

Amber felt grown up and insisted on handing the ticket over to the ticket collector even though her hands were full, he patiently waited for her to find the ticket under her box of snacks and have her moment.

We took our seats and waited for Wonder Park to start.


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The movie is about a little girl named June who has an imaginary theme park called Wonder Park. Every night before bed she would share ideas with her mother of the next ride she would like in her park and whisper it into the ear of her stuffed monkey called Peanut. She would then hand him his magical marker in order to create the ride.

Unknown to June, Wonder Park was real in another world and all the ideas she whispered to Peanut became real there.

The movie takes a sad turn when her mother falls ill and has to go away to get better. June stops whispering into Peanuts’ ear and forgets about Wonder Park as she felt like she had to grow up and look after her father while her mother was away.

On her way to math camp, June finds the need to go home to look after her father. As she leaves the bus and runs into the woods to get home, she falls into a world taken over by the darkness.

She meets the characters she created, like Boomer the Welcome Bear, and realises the darkness had taken over because she stopped believing. She intends to change that.

I asked Amber after the movie which character she liked and she was torn between Boomer and Peanut.

We had a wonderful time and I was the coolest mum for the day.

Take your children to see the wonder of Wonder Park.

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