Daveyton gospel rap artist reaching new heights

This young talent is determined to win fans over through lyrical content

Delphin Madondo, better known as Mdeecbm in the streets of Daveyton, has made a living for himself out of his rapping skills.

The aspiring local artist was introduced to Christian hip-hop by God through the influence of his late brother, Delton, at the age of 14.

Madondo created his brand name Christ Before Me in 2010 which has now re-branded into a record label called CBM records.

He believes that lyrical content is what makes a gospel rap song a hit.


Daveyton artist wants to help others

“What we write about might come from experiences, thoughts and feelings. We preach the Gospel and make it relevant to the type of situations we go through as people. The style and attitude also has an impact on the listener,” said Madondo.

The 24-year old has been fortunate enough to work with other artists that deliver innovative and creative music.

“I had a lot of opportunities to work some of the biggest artists in the industry that have groomed me and mentored me, including the likes of Sevin from HogMob,” Madondo explained. “It was a rough patch at first. Churches never understood the content as they thought that hip-hop is evil and all about vulgar language, but I can say I took that as a driving force as I saw the gap that I need to fill and change lives and thoughts about gospel rap.”

In 2018, he released his first album, which was featured in United Kingdom.

Madondo is now working on his 20-track mixtape called Light The World. He explained that the focus here is the teachings of the Gospel and the style is friendly to both youth and adults.

Apart from being behind the mic, the talented rapper is part of an NPO Dream Foundation founded by Sesi Mahlangu that involves mentoring young boys and girls to becoming better versions of themselves.


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