The Burning is ready to bag a fire award

The SA Metal Music Awards recognise the achievements of the local metal music scene.

Benoni-based metal band The Burning is definitely not ‘Headed To Hell’ but is instead aiming to head off to the South African Metal Music Awards after its album was nominated.

“We are extremely proud that our album Headed to Hell is in the top five for best album and best old school metal band,” the band members said.

According to The Burning, the South African Metal Music Awards is an award ceremony that seeks to recognise the hard work and achievements of the South African Metal Music Scene.

“You submit your music to the South African metal music awards website and the panelists decide if your music is worthy of a nomination,” they explained.

The awards will be held on December 13 in Pretoria.

“Headed to Hell is The Burning’s second studio album, recorded at B# Studios and produced by the legendary John Paul de Stefani,” they said.

“It has taken three years for the band to complete. But much thought, care and love has gone into the writing, arranging and producing of these recordings and to be recognised for our work is a great honour.”

The band consists of:

• Steve Kay-Clough – lead and rhythm guitar

• Peter Brück – lead and rhythm guitar

• Kyle Shoesmith – drums

• Derek Newman – bass guitar

• Glenn “Scarthroat” Unger – vocals

“The Burning’s musical roots is based on rock and roll,” they said.

“The fire first ignited in the 1990s. Seasoned guitarist and songwriter Steve Kay made a choice to unleash some serious musical mayhem on the general public and share a big piece of his passion that was burning inside since he was a young man.

“Although the line-up has changed over The Burning’s 20-year career, the passion to present an uncompromising set of rock and hard rock songs has always been the forefront for the members.”


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