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Durban author shares benefits of audiobooks

Audiobook Appreciation Month runs from June 1 to 30 every year.

DURBAN author Roslynne Toerien published two books in March, and both come with a free audio version. She launched The Speedy Six Olympics and The Forgotten Four at Exclusive Books in March.

Her audiobooks are narrated by the world-renowned and celebrated South African author, poet, playwright, director, performer and storyteller, Dr Gcina Mhlophe.

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“While audiobooks provide an essential resource for children with visual and/or hearing impairments or challenges, ensuring they have direct access to literature, they are also for absolutely everyone. There is such value in listening to a story being told and following along in the book to take in the illustrations which enhance the storyline,” she said.

With June being Audiobook Appreciation Month, Torien shared why she feels audiobooks are important.

  1. Listening to audiobooks helps children develop their listening skills and ability to focus for longer periods. Hearing stories read aloud can improve children’s comprehension skills and ability to think critically about the narrative.
  2. Audiobooks expose children to new words and phrases, which can improve their vocabulary and understanding of language.
  3. Audiobooks can make stories even more engaging and enjoyable, fostering a lifelong love of reading.
  4. Audiobooks can introduce children to the author or narrator on a more personal basis, igniting an even greater excitement for storytime. Hearing skilled narrators read aloud can model fluent reading and expressive storytelling for children.
  5. Listening to stories can enhance a child’s imagination and inspire creativity.

“Each of my latest books comes with an embedded QR code in the front of the book, which once scanned with your phone, can give you free access to the audio recording of the book. It’s that quick and simple. The audio stories of these books are a bonus feature that we added to enhance the value and experience of each book,” she said.

For more information on Torien and her books, follow this link.

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