Wildebeest miraculously escapes 3 monster crocodiles

What crocs thought would be a tasty meal turned into nothing more than a view of their lunch rejoining its herd.

A lone wildebeest, the last of over 300 to cross Kenya’s Mara River, escaped from three crocodiles.

The captivating sighting was captured by Wild Eye’s content and media manager Luke Street, who shared his footage and story with LatestSightings.com.

One of the crocodiles bit the wildebeest’s spine, using its weight to try and drag it under the water.

“You really get a sense of how big the crocodile was when you look at its jaws covering most of the wildebeest’s back. Fortunately for the wildebeest, the water was shallow, and it could use its powerful legs to push itself up.

“After battling it out for a bit, the crocodile was unable to use its signature move, the death roll. Then, a miracle happened – the wildebeest was set free,” says Street.

Nobody could believe it, including the wildebeest, which was visibly still in shock, but it snapped to its senses and started walking away, he adds.

Relief was short-lived when another crocodile decided to give chase. Anticipation was through the roof as the crocodile’s water path closed in on the escaped prey. As the wildebeest made it to the bank, the second crocodile caught up, grabbing its leg.

“Luck was clearly still on the wildebeest’s side, as one small nudge was enough for the crocodile to back off,” says Street.

The wildebeest limped off onto dry land towards the rest of the herd, with no visible wounds.

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