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Oversight committee still inactive

The Civilian Oversight Committee, created in accordance with the SAPS Act to govern the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department, is still inactive.

Supt Wilfred Kgasago, spokesperson for the EMPD previously stated that the reason the committee has not yet been established is that some members who were selected were not eligible to be on the committee.

“This led to an item being formulated for submission to council, to make them aware of the discrepancies as pointed out by the general,” said Kgasago.

He added that they are still waiting for feedback from council.

The Civilian Oversight Committee’s responsibilities entail, among others, affording advice to the city manager with regard to the performance of his functions in respect of the municipal police service; to monitor implementation of policy and directives issued by the city manager and to report this to the council; to promote accountability and transparency in the service, to evaluate the functioning of the service and to report back to council and the city manager.

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