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Show you care, participate in our online Christmas Care platform

Christmas Care is a simple online platform that aims to connect those in need with those who might be in a position to offer assistance.

Ever felt like you could do so much more to help someone in need in your community during the festive season? Or wish someone in your community could help make your festive season a much more pleasant experience? The Christmas Care campaign is the platform for you. Click the link below to get involved.


What is Christmas Care?

Christmas Care is a platform across all Caxton newspapers that allows users to either post a request for help for themselves, their organisation or on behalf of a family member, friend/organisation. The platform also allows people and organisations to offer help.

What is the aim of the campaign?

The festive season is usually a time where people reconnect with family, friends over a relaxing period where they can indulge in food and share presents. This is not the reality for everyone and the platform aims to encourage the spirit of giving by connecting those in need with those who might have the resources to help them. The platform does not collect or deliver goods but puts readers in touch with each other with the goal of helping each other.

Users can either offer up something that they no longer have a use for, offer to sponsor someone in need or volunteer some time at an organisation. Requests should be along the lines of “our orphanage was flooded, we need new flooring” to “My mom needs new brakes for her car which she can’t afford to fix so that she  can transport her kids to school”.

How to get involved


If a reader is requesting assistance or knows of someone who is in need of assistance they can submit their request by clicking “I NEED CARE” and following the prompts. If a user is able to offer any form of assistance they can submit their offering by clicking “I CARE”.

If a user is willing to assist with a post that already exists on the forum they simply click “REPLY”. The message will go directly to the email address supplied by the person who made the initial post.

No registration is required to participate, we simply need your name (optional), location and email address.

User contact details will be completely private. Readers will only be able to contact each other via the platform.

Please note:

  • Avoid the use of profanities/strong language
  • This platform does not exist for the sale of any items

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