Water leak causes road surface to disintegrate in Anderbolt

The problem has been going on for approximately two years.

The Advertiser recently received a complaint about a persistent water leakage that is causing the road surface on Craig Road in Anderbolt to disintegrate.

According to a resident, David Clark, the problem has been going on for approximately two years.

“This is a big issue as plenty of vehicles are driving on the road and water is constantly running down the street,” explained Clark.

“Several vehicles have been damaged and it’s definitely a safety hazard as there are now potholes that can’t be seen at night due to street lights not working. I want the City to fix it properly as this problem could cause accidents.”

Ward 32 Clr Marius de Vos said that it was reported to the Edenvale/Germiston Water and Sanitation Department.

“I’ve also requested the Roads Department to repair the gaping potholes; however, it was confirmed that the potholes can only be fixed once the leak is repaired,” said de Vos.

“There are many water and sewage leaks reported to the Edenvale Department that have not been attended to as yet.

“This is a grave cause of concern as many of the leaks are in the Anderbolt industrial area, which is the heartbeat of the economic activity in Boksburg. Factory owners and managers incur huge losses because of failing infrastructure, as well as cable theft causing production stoppages.”

  • Metro’s response

According to metro’s divisional head communication and media relations Nhlanhla Cebekhulu the City is aware of the problem and said that the leaking pipe was repaired on August 23.

“Initially there was a problem with effluent water, which originated from an adjacent property. The complaint was investigated and addressed with the relevant property owner.

“Once resolved, the City monitored the situation and realised that the water flow across the road persisted. The City sampled the water and sent it to a laboratory for testing in an effort to determine the origin of the water.

“The results confirmed that it was potable water, and the City dispatched a team to investigate and look for a possible leak. The leaking pipe was found and repaired.”

He also confirmed that the potholes can only be fixed once the area is dry.

He added that the City recently appointed contractors to assist with its repair and maintenance of bulk water infrastructure. This will help the City to balance workload at critical times.

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