Illegal dumping can negatively affect your health

The act of illegal dumping is not only an unpleasant practice, but it is also a serious health hazard to the public

Ekurhuleni health practitioners warn that wet garbage is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and attract other unpleasant insects and trash-loving animals such as rats.
Thus, the MMC for Health and Social Development, Nomadlozi Nkosi, urged residents to refrain from illegal dumping, as it can be a breeding ground for disease.

“Waste that is discarded in open spaces, especially in residential areas, transfer various diseases that are transmitted by insects such as mosquitoes,” said the MMC.
Mosquitoes can carry life-threatening diseases, such as dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis and malaria.
Stop the spread of diseases, report illegal dumping to the city’s call centre on 0860 543 000 and a fine will be enforced on the transgressors.

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