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Witfield Park enjoys more birthday celebrations

The retirement village will host more events leading to its birthday.

Witfield Park Retirement Village recently held more fun-filled events in celebration of its 50th birthday that is coming up on October 27.
Golf day

On October 6, the lawns of Trans-50 Witfield Park Retirement Village were transformed into a mini-golf course where residents could enjoy a morning out in the fresh Spring air, playing a round of putt-putt.

“The 18 holes were enjoyable and challenging at times, where creative swings had to be used to spin a golf ball around a tree right ahead. Thank you to our volunteer, David van der Merwe, for arranging this enjoyable morning.

“A special thanks to David’s eager grandchildren who used their school holiday productively by assisting him in digging holes, placing flags and markers in place – all for a little putt-putt fun,” said Monique van der Westhuizen, lifestyle consultant at Witfield Park.
Flower arrangement

On October 13, van der Westhuizen arranged a flower arrangement activity for the ladies who would love to learn how to arrange flowers.
“With some background music, I explained everything step by step. Every participant’s flowers came out beautifully,” said van der Westhuizen.

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