Robbers don’t deter Boksburg biker from pressing on to Italy

He is enjoying his journey, although there are a couple of hiccups.

Martin van der Vyver, the only brother continuing the journey from Boksburg to Italy, was robbed on his way from Luanda, Angola, to Mbanza, Congo, on August 14.

The two Van der Vyver brothers and Clinton Delport embarked on the remarkable trip from Boksburg to Italy to raise awareness about mental health on August 5. Delport had to fly back to South Africa three days into the trip because of an ankle injury.

Martin said he had to stop 30km before Mbanza in the Congo to his place of rest, to refuel his bike.

“Seven robbers took my set of earphones, US dollars, medication, cellphone, chargers, and cameras. Fortunately, I was not hurt, and from Mbanza headed to Matadi in the same country, Congo.

“The roads in Congo are horrendous. I had to travel 170km on them and it was challenging. It was also difficult to get water along the route because you could not drink tap water. After all, the water is dirty, and it is also difficult to find bottled water,” explained Van der Vyver.

He mentioned his bike was running smoothly; his only challenge was the traffic congestion in the area.

“They also tried to rob me again in Kinshasa. I thank G4S security personnel for helping me, especially Erick Bothma, the director of operations of G4S in Congo.

“They escorted me out of the town to their headquarters and set me up in a hotel,” he said.

He added on August 22 he travelled to Gabon and from there to Cameroon.

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