CoE fake qualifications scandal: Watch union calls on city to dismiss accused official, recoup remuneration

The metro confirmed a disciplinary process is underway on this matter.

The Municipal Employees and Civil Servants Union (Mecsu) is calling on the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) to take firm action against a senior official accused of misrepresentation of qualifications to secure a key position in the city’s Human Resources Department.

The city divisional head of labour relations, Xolani Nciza, who is the brother of ANC Gauteng secretary TK Nciza, was reportedly suspended following allegations of lying about his qualifications to secure his current position in the metro.

According to Mecsu, the CoE instituted a disciplinary inquiry for him to appear before the disciplinary committee this week to answer about his conduct, including failure to submit original qualifications when given many opportunities by the municipality to do so.
The union pointed out that Nciza was appointed to this position in 2017 and served a five-year term. He was reappointed to serve a second five-year term.

During the hearing held at the municipal offices in Kempton Park on February 26, Mecsu members picketed outside the offices, expressing their concerns at cases of misrepresentation of qualifications by senior officials holding key positions in both public and private sectors.
Vukile Mlungwana, the secretary general of Mecsu, alleged that Nciza submitted bogus law degree qualifications and lied about an advanced labour law qualification to get appointed to the senior position.
“We are here to show our support for the fight against misrepresentation of qualifications. At the present moment, we have got one suspect, Xolani, who is holding a senior position in the city.
“He has all these years been benefitting unlawfully and unduly from the state in the form of salary that he is receiving without proving his qualifications.”

Responding to the Boksburg Advertiser’s question about the verification of qualifications during recruitment, Mlungwana said it appears that the verification process was overlooked in the first term of Nciza’s appointment and also when he was appointed to serve in the second term.

“It was only after we had lodged a complaint that the verification was done. It was found that his qualification does not exist at any of the institutions or universities,” said Mlungwana.
When asked whether the union suspected any political interference in the recruitment processes, Mlungwana said, “Anything is possible.”
“Even if it may not be direct political interference, officials can feel that because this one is connected to someone holding a very senior political position in the province, failure to consider him could have repercussions.

“In this case we expect the employer (CoE) to be consistent in its application of discipline to ensure that where there is a wrongdoing there are consequences.
“Our biggest concern is that, judging from other previous cases, most of the people suspected or proven to have misrepresented their qualifications once they are dismissed the employers do nothing to recoup the monies lost in the form of salaries.

“What we expect in this case is that if it’s found that Nxiza has misled the employer, the employer must take actions to recoup all the salaries that he has been earning as the head of labour relations from 2017 to the date of dismissal.”

The metro confirmed a disciplinary process is underway on this matter. “We cannot comment any further as the matter is sub judice.
“Let us allow processes to unfold,” said Zweli Dlamini, metro spokesperson.

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