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Van Jaarsveld gears up for Colgate Race

She won the Colgate Race’s 15km event for women in 2022 and came second last year.

Pushing boundaries and setting new milestones, Nedbank Running Club athlete Kate van Jaarsveld is on cloud nine after her top 20 finish and silver medal at the Totalsports Two Oceans Half Marathon on April 14.

She clocked 01:28:06 to finish 14th, earning a silver medal in the women’s race. Blandina Makatisi won the race, while Johnson Crane Hire Marathon winner Cian Oldknow was second. Bianca Tarboton rounded off the podium.

“My main goal for training this year was to train and race the Two Oceans Half Marathon. None of this would have been possible without the support of Nedbank, Biogen, Futurelife and my coach Marco Josephs.”

She added, “I set out with a goal to be in the top 20 and to at least obtain a silver medal. I am thankful to have achieved both of these goals as I placed 14th out of the women”.

Kate van Jaarsveld runs to the finish line during last year’s Colgate Race. She came second in the women’s 15km event. File Photo.

The Farrarmere resident is gearing up to take on the annual Colgate Race at Boksburg Stadium on May 5. She has fully embraced the challenge and freedom of the race after successful runs in the previous two editions.

She clocked 59:41 to win the women’s 15km in 2022. Last year, she shaved one second off her previous time to finish the race in 59:40 for second place.

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On her plan for the Colgate Race, Van Jaarsveld explained she will challenge for a podium place again, adding that the event holds a special place in her heart because it was one of the first races to catapult her career.

“When I first started running, the Colgate 15km race was one of the first races I won. The race definitely brings back memories, and it is one of those I will have to enter every year,” she said.

She praised the Boksburg Athletic Club (BAC) for putting the participants at the forefront.

Kate van Jaarsveld poses for a photo after winning the women’s 15km race in 2022. File Photo.

“The Colgate race is amazing in that they provide all the runners with such amazing goody bags and lovely T-shirts. It’s a local race for me, so I will always try putting a lot of effort into running this race.”

She said this year’s event would be bittersweet without the boisterous voice of the late announcer, Pete van der Merwe, on the microphone.

Described as a larger-than-life character and praised for his knowledge of athletics and meticulous research on athletes’ achievements, Van der Merwe, a member of the BAC, died in January after a battle with cancer.

Van Jaarsveld plans to compete in the cross-country season, the SPAR Women’s Challenge and a few local races.
Entries for the Colgate Marathon are still open. To enter, go to www.entryninja.com/events/80162-colgate-road-race.

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