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Powerlifter breaks record in Benoni

He broke Russian powerlifter Yury Belkin’s record of 1 070kg achieved in 2019.

Powerlifting sensation Colton Engelbrecht set a new unofficial U110kg world record of 1 130kg raw wraps total at the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) SA Beast Mode Power Wars at Urban Shack at Old Bens Sports Club on June 8.

He broke Russian powerlifter Yury Belkin’s record of 1 070kg achieved in 2019.

The 23-year-old opened the competition with 415kg on the squat and proceeded with 440kg, which is twice his body weight.

Colton Engelbrecht (second, right) with Benonian Warren Brits (left), WPC SA’s Johan Steenkamp and SA’s top powerlifter Nicolaas du Preez.

In the second round, he easily benchpressed 225kg but was unsuccessful in his second attempt of 235kg. In a display of sheer strength, he closed with a remarkable 245kg rep.

Engelbrecht wrapped up the event with the deadlift, lifting 415kg in his first attempt and then 435kg. His attempt of 460kg was unsuccessful but he had achieved his goal.

“After this competition, I will have the highest DOTS in the world. I’ll be the strongest 110kg powerlifter in the world,” he said before the start of the event.

Colton Engelbrecht.

He started powerlifting at the age of 18 but has always had the desire to push himself and be the strongest from very early in his life.

“I’ve always wanted to test myself and my strength against others. I’ve always wanted to be the strongest, whether in class, school or the gym. I’ve always had the passion to be the strongest.”

Engelbrecht, alongside SA’s leading powerlifter Nicolaas du Preez, is on a mission to grow the sport in the country because “it’s good for the world to experience more strength culture”.

Colton Engelbrecht.

“Everyone should be in some way involved in some sort of strength sport, even if it’s going to the gym regularly because nowadays people are physically weak. When you are physically weak, you are also mentally weak,” he said.

“Besides for myself, Nicolaas and I are working hard to promote it. We are trying to keep it alive. We aim to see it grow.”

The sport is steadily growing in SA and is beneficial because it improves one’s quality of life and leads one to live their life to their full potential, he said.

Colton Engelbrecht benchpressed 245kg during the WPC SA Beast Mode Power Wars.

The powerlifter advised anyone interested in the sport to start slowly and avoid going heavy from the beginning.

“Eat as much protein as you can throughout the day. Eat lots of carbs. Start working on your movement and don’t lift heavy weights straight away. Try to build a foundation where you start slow and improve your technique. That will give you a better start.”

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