VIDEO: Shoddy work cited as cause of endless Lilianton sewage spills

Poorly maintained sewer system continues to harm the quality of our waterways, lakes, rivers and ecosystems.

Despite repeated efforts to address the never-ending series of sewage spills, the crumbling manhole on Solomon Road (Witfield) continues to release gallons of untreated human sewage into local water resources.

In its attempt to deal with the never-ending series of sewage spills, the Department of Water and Sanitation dispatched its team to clear the blockage on April 18.

However, when the Advertiser revisited the area, last week and this week to discover that even the latest effort has proven to be in vain, as the manhole was found continually releasing sewage onto the road, posing significant health and environmental hazards.

The lack of decisive actions to deal with the sewage and clean water spills on Solomon Road has rendered the road almost impassable.

Ward 33 Clr Ashley Hoods cited shoddy workmanship and lack of maintenance as the main causes of the long-standing sewer line problems in the area and the city as a whole.
Hoods strongly believes this problem goes far deeper than purely shoddy workmanship.
He said lack of accountability by management in the department and top leadership structure in the municipality also serves as one of the greatest obstacles to achieving quality repairs to the public infrastructure.

“If only we had a caring government that consist of highly competent staff and management in the city such problems would have been prevented or addressed before they get out of control. Can you imagine what the city would look like if the people who are employed and others paid fat salaries were doing their job. Proactively detect issues instead of being always complaint-driven.”
Hoods added that substantial investment in sewage infrastructure and decentralisation of the depots is paramount to deal with the recurring overflow of sewage manholes in the city.
Metro’s comment on the issue will be added.

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