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The healthier the car the lower the fuel consumption

Keep your wheels in good shape!

The Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association (TEPA), the South African Petroleum Retailers Association (SAPRA), and proud associations of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) expressed concern about the ever-increasing fuel prices and urge motorists to ensure vehicles are in good conditions to avoid excessive fuel consumption.

One way of doing this is to keep your car and tyres in optimum condition. Now is not the time to skimp on your car’s service or have niggling problems checked out.

Les Richardson, TEPA vice chairperson, offers these 10 additional tips as a reminder of how easy it is to ensure you are getting the best mileage out of your tank:

• Keep your tyres at the recommended pressure.

• Have your wheel alignment checked every 8 000km to 10 000km.

• Keep your car clean and light.

• Service your vehicle at the required intervals.

• Check your tyres. Do you have the right tyres on your car?

• Check the mileage, a clogged exhaust limits the free flow of gasses and affects performance and fuel economy.

• Use the cruise control feature more frequently if your car has one; maintaining a steady speed could help you save money on gas (and avoid speeding tickets).

• Don’t assume that turning off the air conditioning and leaving your windows open will save you fuel. Actually, the opposite is true because it increases drag, which reduces fuel efficiency. Driving with the windows closed is a smarter move. Other advantages include the fact that it is quieter and less of a target for shady characters.

• Coasting with your car in neutral is more dangerous than keeping your car in control and in gear.

• Rather drive together to get to the same destination than each of you driving separately.

“Apart from good fuel economy, there are many other benefits to making sure your car is in good health and in optimal working order. For starters, it will serve you better for longer and be less likely to break down.

“Also, regular maintenance will promote your car’s value, making it easier to sell if you decide to do so,” Premlall concluded.

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