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Ramaphosa youth empowered with free money course

The course seeks to debunk common misconceptions surrounding finances.

Over 100 youth from the Ramaphosa informal settlement received a unique opportunity to enhance their financial literacy through a free one-day course hosted between May 8 and 10.

Spearheaded by Sicelo Nkosi Consulting (SNC) in collaboration with One Life Trust, the initiative saw participants receiving a free one-day course aptly titled ‘The Truth About Money’.

Thabani Nkosi from SNC helping the participant, Mahlatse Miya.

The course, fully sponsored by One Life Trust, was designed by the Money School, in partnership with Boston Campus.

Operation manager of SNC Thabani Nkosi highlighted participants received a certificate upon successful completion.

“Operating entirely online, with participants using their phones, the course streamlines the certification process by allowing participants to download their certificates upon fulfilment of course requirements.

Chwayita Mbuli, Aneliswe Mqina and Chwayita Mqina.

“The initiative aims to reach communities, particularly those in informal settlements, to foster empowerment and transform mindsets regarding financial literacy, especially among the younger demographic.

“The course seeks to debunk common misconceptions surrounding finances and instill a deeper understanding of economic principles,” said Nkosi.

He said central to their mission is the belief that individuals possess the capacity to generate income independently, thereby reducing reliance on traditional employment avenues.

“By equipping participants with essential financial knowledge, the course empowers them to generate, save, and effectively multiply their earnings.

“The decision to host the course in Ramaphosa was strategic, driven by a commitment to address the specific needs of disadvantaged communities living in informal settlements.

“Recognising the critical role of education in fostering economic empowerment, the initiative aims to effect positive change by offering fully sponsored courses to those who may otherwise lack access.

“This targeted approach reflects a dedication to inclusivity and a desire to uplift marginalised communities by providing them with invaluable educational opportunities,” said Nkosi.

Acknowledging the importance of community support, the organisers thanked the Flock of God Church for generously offering their premises as a venue for the course.

Boitshwarelo Dithabi, as a beneficiary of the course, conveyed a deep sense of honour regarding this invaluable opportunity provided to them for free.

“Being unemployed for a considerable duration and actively seeking employment, I cannot overstate how immensely grateful I am for this course,” she remarked.

“It has equipped us with knowledge and skills to manage our finances.

“This newfound understanding will enable us to handle even the smallest sums of money with prudence, such as the Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant), which amounts to R350.

“Previously, we often squandered such funds on trivial expenses, neglecting our genuine needs.”

Bongani Mnisi.

Another beneficiary, Chwayita Mbuli, emphasised, “For me, this course serves as a vital stepping stone towards realising my career ambitions in finance.”

Mbuli highlighted key topics from the programme, emphasising its comprehensive coverage of essential financial concepts.

“Through this course, I have gained invaluable insights into entrepreneurship, the importance of saving, prudent money management practices, and the art of investment.

“These lessons not only enrich my understanding of finance but also empower me to make informed decisions regarding my financial future,” said Mbuli.

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