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Love is action word according to Lakesiders

Love for those who reared us

Grade One learners at Lakeside Primary School use art to show respect for the elderly.
The learners made beautiful pictures of their grandparents. Their vital role as co-parents and guardians was acknowledged in this way.

The list of affectionate names for grandparents is endless; some call them ouma, oupa, papa, mama, and Gogos, among others.While writing to our grandparents and expressing their affection to them is one thing, really showing them love is quite another.

An unidentified author once said, “Old people are just young people who have lived for a very long time.”

So please, when you get a moment, give our elderly folks their flowers.

Here’s some of the things Grade Ones had to say about our grandparents.
• We love our grandma and grandpa.
• Grandpa tells good stories.
• Grandma makes good, delicious cookies.
• We help our granny to wash dishes and clean the house.
• We help grandpa to work in the garden.
• We love grandpa and grandma very much.
• We go for walks with grandpa and grandma.
• Grandpa likes sweets. Grandma drinks lots of sweet tea.

Chivonne Jacobs, a Grade One teacher at Lakesides, said, “According to Job 12:12, wisdom comes with age, and understanding comes with length of days.”

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