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#Elections2024: Long queues at Summerfields Primary School frustrates voters

Some voters had to wait for over eight hours before they could vote.

Many people who wanted to exercise their democratic right to vote at Summerfields Primary School in the 2024 national elections on May 29 resorted to sitting on camping chairs outside because of a very slow-moving queue.

Some voters have been waiting in line for over eight hours to make their mark.

Jan and Hester Brits, a married couple, expressed their frustration, saying they arrived at 06:00 and only voted at 13:00.
The couple was determined to cast their vote., regardless of the snaking queues,

“We are voting to contribute to eliminating corruption. We are a rich country, but as long as discipline is not instilled, we will suffer,” Jan said.

Hester and Jan Brits still smiled after standing in the line for over seven hours at Summerfields Primary School.

Voter Ilse White also expressed frustration at the long wait.

“We have been here since 07:30 and the line is not moving. It is not clear what is going on, but were told ballot boxes were full and there were issues with the scanners.

“Something drastic has to be done about this. We cannot sit here for six hours just to cast a vote,” said the fuming voter.

Ilse White from Impala Park was fuming after waiting in the line for over six hours.

Deputy presiding officer of the polling station, Wenzy Luthuli, said voting at Summerfields started at about 08:00.

“Stakeholders, such as IEC observers and party agents, could only enter the polling station at 07:00 to prepare everything, including sealing the ballot boxes in front of the IEC officials,” he said.

Regarding complaints about slow service at the station, Luthuli said they had one VMD (scanner) device short.

“In the meantime, we have received extra devices. Every station now has a scanner. Everything is flowing.”

However, the process remained painfully slow.

Ward councillor for the area, Simon Lapping told Boksburg Advertiser he was going to open a criminal case against the IEC at the Hawks on May 31.

“They had enough time and resources to prepare for the voters to make their mark,” said Lapping.

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