How smart home tech can help seniors live independently

Deteriorating eyesight, impaired mobility and the risk of falling are three common factors that make living independently during your senior years more risky and increasingly difficult.

Of course, you want to hold on to your independence for as long as possible and not rely on a carer or family member to do everything for you… and now, with the help of this clever tech, you can do just that. Switch on lights, play music and make phone calls from anywhere in the home with a simple voice command. Now, we know new tech might scare you and that is understandable, but it’s so worth it.  CBI-electric: low voltage share five ways in which modern tech can help improve your life and even that of your caretaker:

  1. Smarten up your electrical appliances with IoT devices:  Schedule daily tasks and manage your home appliances from an app. You could, for example, set your heater to start warming up the house just before you get home, so that you feel warm and toasty after being out on a winter’s day.
  2. Keep track of daily tasks with automated reminders: Take the pressure off your memory to remind you when to take which medication with a smart medicine box. It looks like an ordinary LED-display clock and can be programmed to set off an alarm up to seven times a day to remind you that it’s time to take your medicine. Inside the box is the medication required, neatly separated into compartments, while an automated voice message tells you which pills to take.
  3. Light up the way: Remove the anxiety of falling during the night when you’re getting up to go to the bathroom, for example, by installing motion-sensor lights that turn on as you walk down the passage or into a room.
  4. Lock up the smart way: Forgot your keys or can’t find them? No problem, as smart locks allow you to open and lock doors through facial recognition. There is no need to carry keys with you or struggle with tricky locks anymore.
  5. Phone-controlled swimming pools: Pool maintenance can be a hassle especially when timers and switches are tricky to reach. A smart controller allows you to switch on the pool pump as required via an app on your phone.

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