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Sewer problems continue for years

Merafong says it has "budget constraints".

Residents of opposite areas of Khutsong continually struggle with severe sewage problems.

“It has been like this for most of the past ten years,” complained Mr Welkom Skhosana of house No. 6380 in Khutsong Extension 3, pointing to sewage flowing past his yard.

So much sewage leaks from his neighbour’s yard that it flows onto the main tar road for about 20 metres before ending in a stormwater drain. According to Skhosana, the problems continue despite municipal workers unblocking one of two maintenance holes in his neighbour’s yard the previous day.

“It has always been like this. If the municipality unblocks one maintenance hole, the sewage flows from the other. It never seems to solve the problems,” Skhosana lamented.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of Khutsong, at the Tswana Section, or Batswaneng, the sewage also flows down several streets. The leak originates next to the houses on Sompani Drive, cordoned off due to sinkholes.

From there, the sewage flows for about three blocks and even floods the alternative route around the area, closed due to the sinkholes. Many residents have complained that leaks like this could lead to even more sinkholes.

The Herald took the issues to the municipality on Monday.

“Last week, Merafong launched a project to resolve the problem. Budget constraints prevent the municipality from attending to the matter,” answered the municipal marketing and communications head, Mr Temba Fezani.

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