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Street in Fochville a hazard

Conditions in a street in Fochville is not safe for the people who live there or for motorists driving through.

A street at the bottom of Fochville continues to face numerous issues.

Last year, water leaked onto the road surface at 33 Potchefstroom Street for over a month. Although the municipality eventually fixed the leak, it damaged the road surface.

There, the potholes have grown exponentially during the rainy season. They are now so big that they span most of the road.

Now, motorists from the Steyn Street direction often have to drive on the opposite side of the road to avoid damaging their vehicles. Meanwhile, vacant lots a few houses down Potchefstroom Street have become a rubbish dump.

There, offenders, likely scrap metal dealers, empty refuse bags and bins there, in search of valuables.

The open stands border Potchefstroom and Siebert streets. Residents have tried in vain to get the municipality to help clean them up. As a result, residents from Siebert Street launched a clean-up operation last year. Unfortunately, the long grass and bushes have started growing back with the good rains of the past months.

Residents are also concerned that this area is a convenient hiding place for criminals.

The Herald took the issues to the municipality last week. Merafong promised to start patching up the potholes.

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