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QueIsFit set ultimate goals for the year

QueIsFit founder plans to take the entity to the next level by setting new goals for the year and partnering with the Department of Arts and Culture to expose youngsters to more opportunities.

As a new year is a blank slate, most people set and draft New Year’s resolutions to reflect on them during the year and track their self-efficacy.

The founder of QueIsFit, Sinqobile Zondi (24), is an entrepreneur who initiated a fitness entity that mostly focuses on monthly boot camps.

With these boot camps, he aims to uplift and empower the community through fitness and also enable them to socialise and engage through exercise.

Sinqobile reflected on the last year with the Alberton Record and set goals for this year.

According to him, his experience in boot camps has taught him the value of giving back to the community because you help others align with their ambitions to reach their long-sought goals.

“As it was our first year of hosting the boot camps last year, it was not an easy year for me and my co-partner and to pull through monthly as we are dependent on a number of attendees each month. However, with consistency and persistence, we managed to make the year what we planned it to be,” said Sinqobile.

Furthermore, he told the Alberton Record that they could not have done it without the help and support of the Decathlon and Food Lovers Market.

QueIsFit has seen many individuals join their monthly boot camps.

In a boot camp, participants perform a variety of exercises, such as calf raises, hops, squat jacks, sprinter lunges, standing toe touches, shoulder rotations, and boxing combinations.

These are resistance or strength training workouts. They are a good way to build strength and stamina and make one less likely to get osteoporosis and other ageing-related disorders.

2023 plans for QueIsFit

• Get more involved with kids.

• Be associated with the Gauteng Department of Arts and Culture.

• Move the boot camps around the province.

• To build their own fitness facility.

• Get more people involved in the boot camps.

“All we wish for is for individuals to understand that what we are doing is more than just the boot camps. It is also for the community to unite and eat healthy food. We aim to get more kids involved because they are the future and we want to groom them at a young age to take control and become successful beings in future,” Sinqobile concluded.

For more information, contact Sinqobile on 084 471 2374.

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