We are all partners in cleaning up our environment says Pikitup

The entity is pleading with residents and communities to help them prevent or report illegal dumping and destruction of our beautiful city from careless individuals.

Muzi Mkhwanazi of Pikitup writes:

As we head into a new year, we hope for renewed vigour from communities to help keep our city clean.
Johannesburg continues to be the destination of choice for people from other provinces and neighbouring countries. The prevailing situation has led to an astronomical increase in demand for waste collection services because of the increase in informal settlements.
In addition, Pikitup has to service the city’s 5.7 million residents and sweep about 9 000km of streets (This figure does not include the informal settlements that have to be cleaned up daily).

The greatest challenge for Pikitup as the year draws to an end is the battle against illegal dumping. The entity spends in the region of R60 to R80 million per year to clear illegal dumping sites, only for waste to be dumped at these sites again. This is money that can be better spent to finance other progressive waste minimisation programmes.

Illegal dumping in Fairland following the temporary closure of the Pikitup dump.

This challenge can be addressed if communities partner with Pikitup to clear and report illegal dumpers to JMPD or better still, to ensure that no one dumps waste illegally in their communities.
Pikitup has on numerous occasions engaged and educated communities about illegal dumping and littering. The entity has also requested the assistance of JMPD to enforce waste by-laws but despite these efforts, illegal dumping and littering continue, particularly in densely populated areas.
It takes all of us to ensure a cleaner Joburg and it is against this backdrop that cleaning campaigns have been instituted by the City of Joburg mayor to inculcate a culture of respecting the environment and keeping it clean.

Pikitup, for its part, has established 42 integrated waste management facilities (previously referred to as garden sites). Some of these sites have been completed while others are being refurbished to accept all kinds of waste including recyclables.
Residents can access the abovementioned services through Pikitup’s call centre number on 087 357 1068.

It begins with us – let us all be ambassadors of a clean Johannesburg. Remember let us reduce, reuse and recycle to protect the environment and preserve the lifespan of the city’s landfill sites.

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