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Hungry puppies rescued

The puppies were discovered running along the road in a distressed state and were promptly taken to a veterinarian for care.

Resident Belinda Birch was driving along Witkoppen Road and as she passed Piccalinos, she noticed something darting out from the bushes but she couldn’t quite make out what it was so she stopped.
“There is a run-down house and two outbuildings on the property just past the robot, and a little black girl puppy ran to me and was very excited to see me. I waited a while and then a little brown boy dog came running out of the tall bushes on the left side of the road, he was very scared.

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“I was so freaked out when I saw the condition they were in and how scared they were but I knew I had to get them some help immediately. Seeing them in that condition broke my heart. I had an apple in my car and they went straight for it.”
She added Animania Veterinary Hospital took them in for the night to see if they were microchipped and posted on their website to see if anyone was missing two dogs.
With no success, Kirsten Reid from The Dogs Trust non-profit organisation offered to look after the puppies and named them Bonnie and Clyde. Birch said the puppies had undergone a five-day deworming treatment and were steadily gaining weight.

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“We are hoping for the girl to be home-ready by June 7 as she is blossoming and loves her new home environment. But we believe the skinny boy will need some more time in foster care.
“The boy was showing early signs of rickets due to malnutrition which will have to be monitored and he’ll need to be vet checked to asses his progress.
“We have received such generous donations – money and food, for which we are extremely grateful. Unfortunately, these two pups are just an example of what other millions of other dogs face. We aim to help as many dogs as possible through our outreach programme and if there will be any extra funds available after the treatments of Bonnie and Clyde, the money will go towards other dogs facing the same struggles as they did.
“If you would like to get more involved in helping us help them, contact Leeanne on 081 567 2110.

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