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Innovation hub revolutionizes Curro classes

Curro Douglasdale Primary has unveiled its innovation hub for learners to start coding and use all sorts of technologies.

In response to the rising influence of technological advancements in the current era of industrialisation, more and more schools in the Fourways area are embracing the concept of innovation hubs.

These hubs are designed to provide learners with access to cutting-edge technological gadgets and facilities, allowing them to explore and engage with the latest innovations in a supportive learning environment.

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Curro Douglasdale Primary School recently unveiled its state-of-the-art Innovation Hub, showcasing the vision and dedication of executive head of the school, Dumisani Kunene.

Lerato Manamela.
Lerato Manamela.

He said that this cutting-edge technology is central to their innovative Steamd program, which combines science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and design.

With interesting equipment and dedicated esports facilities, learners are provided access to a curriculum that engages them in the most recent technological developments.

“From hands-on drone and robotics activities to competitive esports, our learners are developing essential skills for future success in an ever-evolving digital world.”

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When asked how the school realised that the hub was much needed for the learners, he said the Innovation Hub is designed to meet the needs of their Grade 7 coding and robotics curriculum.

The class is in session with Dumisani Kunene.
The class is in session with Dumisani Kunene.

He said it does not end there, the learners learn to design and make items using the 3D printer as well as the Laser cutter machine.

“The hub immerses learners into the world of coding and programming and this enables the learners to make real connections between learning and the world of work. For example, learners are required to design a keyring using InkScape. In the first and in the third term they learn concepts such as algorithms and coding which equip them to plan their own drone missions.”

Tebuho Mujunda.
Tebuho Mujunda.

Kunene said the programme is currently running smoothly and the learners are enjoying experimenting with things VR (virtual reality). The Innovation Hub is abuzz with activity including the esports program which has been introduced in the school.”

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